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American Music Conference
"Music makes the difference" is the motto of the American Music Conference, an organization dedicated to promoting the
importance of music, music-making, and music education.

Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts is an organization dedicated to increased funding for the arts and an arts education for every child.

Arts Education Partnership
The Arts Education Partnership "promotes the essential role of arts education in enabling all students to succeed in school, life, and work."

Links for everything you need to know about arts advocacy and funding.

Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
Find ideas for lesson plans or share your ideas here.

Music Is . . . The Value of Music Education
Plenty of convincing information here that music makes a
difference, including the twenty-one reasons that music
should be a part of every education!

National Endowment for the Arts
Learn about the NEA, its programs, and how to apply for grants.

National PTA-Partners for Arts Education
The National PTA provides resources on keeping arts alive in
the schools, national arts standards, art projects, and awards
for young artists and composers.

National School Boards Association
This resource for school board members
has a "Legislative Action Center," where you can learn the
status of bills before Congress and e-mail public officials.
Click on "Advocacy."

VH1 Save the Music
Save the Music believes music makes smarter kids. Go to
"What You Can Do" for ideas on promoting music in your school.

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The American Bandmasters Association
Information about the objectives, philosophy, and members
of the ABA-an invitation-only organization.

American Music Therapy Association, Inc.
"Simply put, music can heal people." Find background
information on music therapy, learning and career opportunities,
and information on the AMTA.

AMG All-Music Guide
This amazing site has everything you ever wanted to know
about virtually every style, song, artist, and record label.

Connect to other artists and arts educators at Arts Wire-an
online communication network for the arts community.

Classical Net
Find 4200 classical music files right here, with links to 2500

Fun Music Ideas
Fun Music Ideas is a free monthly e-mail newsletter full of
ideas for helping students learn music.

Online Music Education Resources
Lists of web resources, newsgroups, and specialized search
engines for music educators.

Suite 101: Music Education Articles
An interesting collection of eighty-five articles, with
additional links, on various aspects of music education,
such as ceremonial music, ESL songs, and Parent/Teacher conferences.

World Wide Arts Resources
Link here to numerous sites for various artists and arts

WWW Virtual Library: Classical Music
Find classical artists, music festivals, music conservatories,
and more right here.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Musicians and Injury
Suggestions and resources for preventing and dealing with
injuries common to musicians.

Music Education Online: A Guide to Music
Education for Grades K-12
Links for lesson plans, music education advocacy, and
an online bookstore!

Music Education Resources
Music educators will find a wealth of resources here,
including the Music Joke of the Day archives. While here,
check the messages in the Music Ed Board Room.

Sibelius Academy Music Resources
A PC Magazine Top 100 site with links to pop, rock, jazz,
gospel, and classical music sites.

MIDI Resources for Teachers
staffpages/shirk/midi.html Interesting links to MIDI files,
MIDI instruction, MIDI in the classroom, and much more.

Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience
Clear, concise explanations of many aspects of music,
plus a section of interactive games.

Music: The Universal Language
Links, games, and downloadable sheet music.
Click on "Info" for music education links.

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Early Music Resources on the Web
Find links to instruments, festivals, and groups devoted
to performing early music.

Experience Music Project
Check out this interactive museum of American popular
music, scheduled to open in Seattle in 2000.

Music History 102
Read about composers from the Middle Ages to the present
and hear MIDI files of their music.

Archives of Traditional Music
An amazing collection of recorded sound-music, folktales,
interviews, and oral history-at the University of Indiana.
Connect to the card catalog through this site.

Music History Resources
A series of outlines based on Grout's History of Western Music,
the Bible of college music history courses.

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Big Ears Online Interval Training
Listen and learn melodic intervals on the Internet.

Easy Music Theory
Twenty-five music theory lessons, from basic note recognition
to score reading.

Ken Fansler's Online Music Instruction Page
Another music theory "workbook," for beginning to advanced students.

Solomon's Glossary of Technical Musical Terms
Definitions for terms from antimusic to zug. The emphasis is on modern music, but standard terms are covered, as well.

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Archives of African-American Music and Culture
Music and information from the post-World War II era.
Connect here to a list of materials in the archives, links,
and more.

Digital Tradition: Folk Music
Chat, message boards, an e-zine, and kids page on blues and
folk music.

Hmong Music in Vietnam

An online article about the music of the Hmong people.

Index of Native American Music Resources on the Internet
An extensive list of links on Native American music.

Folk Stuff
Resources for folk instruments and music, with a few
limericks for fun.

Jazz Education
A comprehensive collection of jazz sites. Click on
"The Woodshed" for sites on jazz education.

Jazz Links
This site claims to be "the biggest list of jazz links
you've ever seen in your life!" It includes radio stations,
record labels, and festivals.

Music from Africa (and the African Diaspora)
Also known as the African Music Encyclopedia, this site
has extensive resources on African music arranged by
country and artist.

Nahault Music
Precolombina/Azteca/temp8.html Listening examples and
a short article on the music of the Aztec people of Mexico.


An introduction to powwows, powwow etiquette, and a list of powwows held in South Dakota.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Play games, win things, and find out all about rock and
roll at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Web site.

Gospel Music Association
Gospel news, awards, Hall of Fame, and more.

The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music
View thousands of pieces of American popular music
from 1780-1923, all available on this site.

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Center for Voice Disorders
Find techniques for healthy singing, as well as information
about Bogart-Bacall syndrome and other vocal problems.

Choral Art
Hear recordings of choral concerts-the program changes
every month.

Choral bulletin boards and job listings that include
resources in North America, South America, and Europe.

Classical Singer
Web site for Classical Singer magazine, with message
boards, classifieds, and tips for promoting classical
singing careers.

Guidelines for Singers: Dos and Don'ts
A concise list of tips for top performance, linked to the
University of Pittsburgh Voice Center.

The Sight-Singers Resource Center
Information and resources on the art of sight-singing-a
valuable tool for every student and teacher of music.

The Singing Voice

Detailed informatio n, history, and links on the human
voice, opera, and singing.

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American Symphony Orchestra League
Discover this organization dedicated to the performance
and enjoyment of orchestral music.

Antique Phonograph Gallery
Check out many photographs of antique phonographs at
this online gallery.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
A multi-award winning site with every ancient instrument
you have heard of, and many you may not have!

Instrumental Music Teachers Resources
A selection of print resources-articles, research studies,
and other materials-of interest to the instrumental music

The Recorder Home Page

A virtual encyclopedia for recorder enthusiasts, with
information on technique, repertoire, recordings and more.

Sheet Music Links
Choose from thousands of pieces of music to download-mostly classical and folk, but other genres, as well.

Violin Tips and Tricks
A short list of cool hints for violinists, including how to

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