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Chapter 12: Evolution 
Geology and Geologic Time
This site provides a history of how scientists determined that rock layers represent different eras of time. Click on history of the geologic time scale, to find out what two geologic principles Nicolaus Steno described.

Enter Evolution: Theory and History
At this site you can read biographies of important scientists that detail their contributions to the development of the theory of evolution. How did Leonardo da Vinci contribute to our understanding of evolution?

The Geology Wing [Updated link coming soon.]
This site will guide you on a journey through Earth's history. It is broken down by era on the Geologic Time Scale. Choose an era and explore the site. Once you have completed all of the eras, create your own time line and provide characteristics of each time period.

Darwin and Natural Selection
Check out this site for more information about Charles Darwin and natural selection. How did Darwin's journey to the Galapagos Islands influence his theories?


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Biology: Living Systems