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Unit 2 : The Changing Surface of Earth
Chapter 8 : Erosional Forces  

An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity

Cranberry Marketing Committee
One interesting use of glacial deposits is in the cultivation of cranberries. Read about the relationship between glacial deposits and cranberries at this site, sponsored by the Cranberry Marketing Committee. How are bogs and glacial deposits related?

U.S. Geological Survey
This article about birds of the St. Croix River Valley describes the importance of glacial deposits in the quality of the soil in this region. Read this article and think about the relationship between the soil and the animal population. How has glacial activity helped the St. Croix River Valley?

Disaster Relief
The Disaster Relief site is a collaboration between the American Red Cross, CNN Interactive, and IBM. Its mission is to provide information to help disaster victims and those who help them. Visit the What is a Mudslide? page to learn where landslides occur. What are some of the signs that a landslide might occur?

The National Landslide Information Center
includes information about what landslides are as well as data about recent landslide activity in the United States. You can click the State and Local Info for Landslides button to investigate activity in your state. Click the Recent Landslide & Related Events button to learn about a recent landslide event. Describe the scope of the damage that this event caused.

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