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Glencoe teams with Dinah Zike to bring FoldablesTM to your classroom. Foldables are three-dimensional, interactive, student-made graphic organizers. As students fold paper, cut tabs, and manipulate what they have made, they are involved in learning. You will find examples of how to use Foldables in every chapter of Glencoe Science, copyrights 2002 and later.

Watch this movie for an introduction to Dinah Zike and Foldables.

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society and Glencoe have joined forces to bring exciting new features and technologies to Glencoe products. By incorporating National Geographic's world-renowned photographs, illustrations, and content features, Glencoe products will engage students as never before.

Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories

Glencoe and Science Kit, Inc have teamed up to make materials selection for Science Voyages easier with an activity-materials folder. Science Voyages full-sized labs have been bench-tested by Science Kit to ensure quality and safety.

Aviation Weekly: The Next Century of Flight

As the world approaches the centennial of the Wright brother's first flight in December 2003, Aviation Week, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, has launched "The Next Century of Flight," a global, multimedia education and outreach program to honor aviation's proud past and inspire the aerospace leaders of tomorrow. Visit the site often for lessons, videos and activities to help connect your classroom to The Next Century of Flight.

Time Glencoe and TIME magazine have partnered to bring you the Science and History and Science and Society features that appear throughout the Glencoe Science series. They not only capture students' attention visually, but they're written with the journalistic style that has made TIME one of the nation's leading news magazines. These features make science a human endeavor, an important issue in both state and national standards.
Our Commitment: Glencoe Science is committed to providing teachers and students with the widest possible range of materials for the classroom. In addition to the materials developed by our company, Glencoe Science has partnered with a number of other companies to offer an even broader range of learning products.

The McGraw-Hill Companies