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Teaching Middle School Science DVD & Workshop Facilitation Guide


This DVD with the accompanying Workshop Facilitation Guide provides all the materials needed for short, facilitator-led workshops. Workshop participants view video clips, evaluate what they have seen, and discuss how the strategies used in the video content can be extended into their classrooms or teaching practices.

Materials may be used in after-school sessions or multiple videos may be combined for longer science workshops. Perfect for use by a leadership team, coach or mentor, or Science Department Head, the activities are designed for ease of use with minimal preparation.

Teaching Middle School Science DVD
Helping our students read the science textbook is often a concern, if not a barrier, to teaching science. This DVD contains 6 videos that emphasize important content in today's science classroom. Each science topic is defined, discussed and illustrated through a separate professional development video. The DVD contains the following videos: 
       • Teaching Photosynthesis
       • Teaching Genetics
       • Teaching Weather
       • Teaching Moon Phases
       • Teaching Forces & Motion
       • Teaching Chemical & Physical Change

Each video begins with a discussion of the content topic and the challenges and misconceptions found in science learners. Next, viewers see a middle school science lesson that demonstrates instructional strategies and techniques used to teach the science topic. Key strategies and classroom management techniques are shown in each video. The video concludes with an evaluation of the lesson, its components, and the students as learners.

Workshop Facilitation Guide
The Facilitation Guide contains workshop activities and information on conducting the workshops. Workshop activities, 4-5 for each video, have Activity Masters to foster participants' discussion and collaboration. Each workshop activity provides opportunities for science teachers to evaluate, discuss, and extend the strategies demonstrated in the video.

Video Clip Link to Example
(Coming June 2005)
Video Clip Link to Example
(Coming June 2005)
Video Clip Workshop Guide Sample



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