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Science, YES!

Teaching Middle School Science Online Professional Development


Science, YES! Teaching Middle School Online is comprised of 6 individual online modules. Each module contains video, interactive content, and a variety of online learning tools. Online learners watch video clips of educational commentary and science classroom video delivered over the Web. Tools, such as a glossary, standards links, lists of Web resources, are included throughout. Module content encourages online learners to discuss or share ideas with others in their online community through the discussion board.

The 6 modules in Science, YES! Teaching Middle School Online are listed below.

  • Teaching Photosynthesis
  • Teaching Genetics
  • Teaching Weather
  • Teaching Moon Phases
  • Teaching Forces & Motion
  • Teaching Chemical & Physical Change

These modules may be taken individually or they may be taken together as a university course. They may be combined with other modules to develop custom courses. A module takes 6-8 hours to complete and contains six content segments—Introduce, Model, Practice, Assess, Classroom Connection and Textbook Tie. Segments divide the content into shorter manageable chunks of learning, making it easy for a busy teacher to complete the module.

Each module has a portfolio which records responses throughout the module’s learning. This portfolio and other records are available to verify course completion. University credit is available.

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