Holocaust Remembrance Day
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Teacher Lesson Plan

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Middle School and High School


While viewing the Holocaust Remembrance Day Web site, students will:

  • Identify definitions of terms associated with the Holocaust.
  • Sequence major events of the Holocaust.
  • Write journal responses to personal survivor stories.
  • Summarize major events leading to the rise of the Nazis in Germany.


  1. Prior to viewing, ask students to discuss what they know about the Holocaust. Ask them what they want to know and why they think the Holocaust may be an important event in history worthy of remembering.
  2. Ask students to view the interactive presentation, beginning with the introduction. Have students read all of the text, and view all of the different media and web selections available. Then have them complete the journal question that goes along with the section. After completing their journal response, they can move on to the next section. (**Please see important note below.)
  3. After the Genocide Today section, students can navigate to the Follow-up Activities. There they will create a timeline and match terms with definitions.


The Holocaust Remembrance Day interactive Web site contains journal response questions for each section. Students can write their responses online where they will be temporarily saved. Once completed, they have the option of printing them or e-mailing them to you.

Students do not have to print or e-mail each entry separately; they will be temporarily saved to a main page containing all of their responses. Time permitting, they can complete all of the journal entries before printing or e-mailing them. They must print or e-mail their entries before leaving the site, however (see below).

The student must print or e-mail their responses before they close the browser window containing the Holocaust Remembrance Day Web site. Once they have closed the site window, all journal entries are permanently erased.

Students will see messages alerting them to this necessity each time they close or save the journal entry page. They will not see an alert when they close the browser window containing the interactive Web site.

Download (31 KB) the directions and print them for students as a helpful reminder.
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above).

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Holocaust Remembrance Day