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Lewis and Clark Timeline with Online Journal Questions

Find out more about the Lewis and Clark expedition by clicking on the links below. The links with the Online Journal include an Online Journal question that can be printed or e-mailed to your teacher.

Thomas Jefferson and How it Began

January 1803 -Jefferson chooses Lewis to lead first expedition across American West Online Journal

January 18, 1803 - Jefferson secretly requests approval from Congress for expedition

February 28, 1803 - Congress grants Jefferson's request

January-June 1803 - Lewis prepares for the expedition

June 19, 1803 - Lewis asks William Clark to share command of expedition Online Journal

July 4, 1803 - Jefferson announces the Louisiana Purchase

August 1803 - Delayed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lewis buys dog

August 31, 1803 - Lewis makes first entry in his journal

October-November 1803 - Men hired for "Corps of Discovery" Online Journal

December 1803 - Corps spends winter near St. Charles, in present-day Missouri

May 14, 1804 -Corps leaves St. Charles; journey begins

August 20, 1804 - Sergeant Charles Floyd dies close to present-day Sioux City, Iowa Online Journal

September 7, 1804 - Group encounters first village of prairie dogs Online Journal

September 14, 1804 - Lewis writes first scientific description of pronghorn

November 2, 1804 - Construction of winter camp Fort Mandan, close to present-day Bismarck, North Dakota

April 7, 1805 - Corps leaves Fort Mandan Online Journal

April 29, 1805 - Explorers have first encounter with a grizzly bear Online Journal

June 13, 1805 - Expedition reaches the Great Falls of the Missouri River near what is now Great Falls, Montana

August 17, 1805 - Sacagawea meets the Shoshone chief, her long-lost brother

September 9, 1805 - Camp made at Travelers' Rest before entering the Bitterroots

October 18, 1805 - Clark sights Mount Hood Online Journal

November 24, 1805 - Explorers vote on location of winter camp

December 7, 1805 - Winter camp, Fort Clatsop, built in present-day Oregon

March 23, 1806 - Departure from Fort Clatsop

June 30, 1806 - Completion of second crossing of Bitterroot Mountains

July 3, 1806 - Corps divides; Lewis takes nine men to explore shortcut to Great Falls, Clark and the others travel down Yellowstone River

July 25, 1806 - Clark carves his name into "Pompeys Pillar"

August 11, 1806 - Lewis accidentally shot by one of his own men; also, makes last entry in his journal

August 12, 1806 - The Corps of Discovery is reunited

August 14, 1806 - Corps arrives back at the Mandan villages

August 17, 1806 - Corps parts company with Charbonneau and Sacagawea at the Mandan camp

September 23, 1806 - Return to St. Louis; journey complete Online Journal


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