Veterans Day
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Teacher Lesson Plan

Veterans Day

Middle School and High School


While viewing the Veterans Day Web site, students will:

—learn about the events that have shaped Veterans Day and its celebration
—familiarize themselves with vocabulary related to Veterans Day
—design a Veterans Day celebration for their school
—take a self-check quiz about the history of Veterans Day


  1. Have students read the History of Veterans Day.
  2. Have students complete the interactive Vocabulary Matching activity on the Web site. After they have successfully completed the activity, ask them to print out the Veterans Day Word Search Puzzle and finish it.
  3. Explain the Design a Veterans Day Celebration for Your School activity to students. Before students start working on the activity, divide them into groups of 3–5. Have each group brainstorm activities for the celebration, or, if you choose, you may do this as a class. After each group has generated a list of activities, you may direct them to look through the Web site Celebrating America’s Freedoms: Activities for Veterans Day to get some more ideas. Before students start working on their pamphlets, advise them to pay close attention to the checklist at the end of the student explanation of the activity in order to make sure they will include everything required. Encourage students to be creative! If time and resources allow, you can have your students design the pamphlets on the computer.
  4. Have students take the Self-Check Quiz about Veterans Day.


Look for the following items in the pamphlets for quality work:

  1. an indoor assembly that outlines the distinct parts of the ceremony
  2. at least three other activities for the day
  3. clear and detailed information about each of the activities
  4. an explanation of when and where each of the activities will occur
  5. a title for the pamphlet, the date, and the school’s name
  6. appropriate illustrations
  7. overall neatness
  8. overall attractiveness
  9. correct grammar and spelling

Extra credit should be given for creativity.

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