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Chapter 16: Achieving Economic Stability
"The President's Council of Economic Advisers"

You have learned that economists and politicians try to work together fairly closely. The president of the United States has a Council of Economic Advisers, a three-member group that reports on economic developments and proposes strategies. The economists are the advisers, while the politicians direct or implement the policies. In this activity, you will learn more about the Council of Economic Advisers and the role it plays in the United States economy.

Destination Title: Council of Economic Advisers

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window.
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Start at the Council of Economic Advisers Web site at the address shown above.

  • Click on "About the CEA." Read the summary of information and answer the following questions.

1. What are some of the duties of the Council members?

2. Describe the structure of the Council of Economic Advisers.

3. How do the Economic Advisers provide their advice?

4. Describe some of the publications that the CEA puts out.


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