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Georgia Online

Georgia’s History
Early Georgia
Georgia Becomes a State
Growth and Development
Modern Georgia
Economic and Political Change
Timeline of Georgia History

Georgia’s Government
Georgia’s Constitutional Government
How a Bill Becomes a Law
How Georgia’s Local Governments Operate
Governors of the State of Georgia
Voting in Georgia
Georgia Constitution
List of U.S. Senators and Representatives from Georgia

Georgia’s Economy
Georgia’s Economy
The Georgia State Budget
Georgia’s Top 5 Employers by Industry in 2000
Georgia’s Top 5 Leading Agricultural Crops in 2002
Georgia’s Top Export Goods
Gross State Product and Per Capita Income
Your Role as a Consumer

Georgia’s Geography
Georgia’s Geography
Georgia Map
Georgia Counties
Georgia’s Natural Resources

Georgia Fun Facts
Symbols of Georgia
State Parks and Recreational Areas
Places of Interest
Notable People from Georgia (Past and Present)