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  Glencoe Social Studies Partners - Our Commitment
A&E A & E provides a wealth of resources for middle school, junion high, and high school curricula, including planning and research guides based on A & E shows. Plus, you can submit an online order for its print magazine and other classroom materials.
Biography Biography highlights a different biography each day and contains biographical sketches of more than 20,000 individuals. Also includes a message board for sharing opinions on those profiled and a shop "stocked" with biography t-shirts.
Facts On File Facts On File is a premier publisher of school and library reference titles, including Glencoe's Landmark Documents in American History and The American Indian CD-ROMs.
The History Channel The History Channel, which changes daily, features current program listings, lesson plans, links to historical sites, audio clips, games, facts, and trivia quizzes.
Street Law

The Supreme Court Historical Society (developed by Street Law, Inc. in partnership with the Supreme Court Historical Society) provides teachers with a full range of resources and activities to support the teaching of landmark Supreme Court cases, helping students explore the key issues of each case. The "Resources" section features basic building blocks such as background summaries and excerpts of opinions that can be used in multiple ways. The "Activities" section contains a range of short activities and in-depth lessons that can be completed with students. The Web site features key cases mandated by state standards.
The National  Councel on Economic Education The National Council on Economic Education, a Washington D.C.-based not-for-profit organization, provides technical assistance and resources designed to assist those engaged in teaching economics.
Nightly Busiiness Report Nightly Business Report, the nation's leading daily news program, provides business news, articles, transcripts of special programs, and an online bookstore.
Standard & Poors Standard & Poor's is a leading source of information on regional, national, and global economic developments. Standard & Poor's data, information, news and analysis on the United States, regional and world economies is used by industrial firms, financial institutions and government agencies for setting policies, managing financial positions, planning production, formulating market strategies and a range of similar activities. Standard & Poor's information services represent the single most sophisticated source of information for organizations that need to understand the impact of the path of economic growth and of government fiscal and monetary policy on their activities.
Our Commitment: Glencoe Social Studies is committed to providing teachers and students with the widest possible range of materials for the classroom. In addition to the materials developed by our company, Glencoe Social Studies has partnered with a number of other companies to offer an even broader range of software, video, and print materials. You will find products from the companies listed above referenced in our Teachers Wraparound Editions for easy implementation into your lessons.