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Cases and Resources
Chapter 26: Deceptive Sales Practices

Door-to-Door and Telephone Sales
Referral Sales
Advertising and the Consumer
Bait and Switch
Mail-Order Sales
Internet Commerce
Repairs and Estimates

Door-to-Door and Telephone Sales
Door-to-Door Sales: Protecting Yourself from Fraud (AARP)
This article teaches you the difference between honest and dishonest door-to-door salespeople. Learn how to protect yourself and identify who is legitimate.

Youth and Door-to-Door Sales (Department of Labor)
Young people often go door-to-door to raise money or to sell items. There are special laws for youths and door-to-door sales activity. Read the federal and state laws about traveling door-to-door as a minor.

Telemarketing Information by the Federal Trade Commission
Take a closer look at what telemarketing is and how to identify a telemarketing scam. How do telemarketing scams work and who is a likely target for scams?

The National Do Not Call Registry
The federal government has a registry for consumers who do not wish to be contacted by certain telemarketers. Go to this site and learn about the registry and what types of calls this registry blocks.

Complying with the Telemarketing Sales Rule
Learn what businesses must do to comply with federal laws on telemarketing. What types of organizations must follow telemarketing rules?

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Referral Sales
Kentucky State Statute on Referral Sales
Read the law of one state on referral sales. Now read an explanation of the law (scroll down to the paragraph titled "Referral Sales"). What is the principle behind this state law?

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Advertising and the Consumer
FTC Advertising Requirements
Read this policy statement by the Federal Trade Commission. What do advertisers have to do to make advertisements acceptable?

Tobacco Marketing and Kids
Young people are often the audience for advertisements. Tobacco companies have been accused of advertising to young people in order to attract young smokers who will be customers for the tobacco companies for a long time. Visit this site to take a closer look at this issue.

Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau
Because young people are key targets for advertising, the BBB has a special unit to monitor advertising during children’s television programming. Read the guidelines established by the BBB and find out which products are of concern when children are the audience.

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Bait and Switch
Automobile Advertising and Bait and Switch
The bait and switch sales technique is often associated with car sales. Read this article warning consumers about this technique.

Internet Bait and Switch
This news article describes a business prosecuted for a “bait and switch” tactic in Internet advertising. What did the business promise, and what did consumers receive?

Deceptive Pricing
This guide explains deceptive car pricing practices. Have you ever encountered any of these pricing schemes?

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Mail-Order Sales
FTC Mail and Telephone Order Rules
Learn the proper way to conduct mail-order sales. What do direct marketers have to do to comply with the FTC rules in this field?

The Direct Marketing Association
Visit this industry site to learn about the issues involved in direct marketing and how disputes between businesses and consumers are resolved.

Catch the Bandit in Your Mailbox
Learn how to distinguish legitimate offers in your mailbox from those that are unreliable. What is mail order fraud and how can you protect yourself from such fraud?

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Internet Commerce
Consumer Jungle: eSmarts
You may already be familiar with the Internet, but be sure you know how to surf the Internet responsibly and to protect yourself when making purchases. This site is a good place for young people to learn the basics.

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet
Read the FTC guidelines on advertising and marketing on the Internet. What federal rules protect you when you are buying something online based on Internet advertisement information?

Fight Spam
If you receive unwanted e-mail in your inbox, visit this site about fighting spam. Learn what spam is and what consumers can do to stop spam.

Shop Safely Online
Read these recommendations by the federal government on protecting yourself as you shop online. How do things go wrong for consumers when they shop online?

Consumer WebWatch
Consumer WebWatch evaluates Web sites to help consumers choose trustworthy sites where they can gather information or make purchases.

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Repairs and Estimates
Repairs to Your Home
Many people seek contractors and various estimates for major repairs needed to their homes. This is a time when some businesses might take advantage of customers by giving unfair estimates or doing a poor job. Read this article to learn how to protect yourself.

Auto Repair Tips
Learn how to read an auto repair estimate and what questions to ask at the repair shop.

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