Street Law
Street Law: A Course in Practical Law Glencoe Online
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Unit One: Introduction to Law and the Legal System
Chapter 1: What is Law?
Chapter 2: Lawmaking
Chapter 3: Advocacy
Chapter 4: Settling Disputes
Chapter 5: The Court System
Chapter 6: Lawyers
Unit Two: Criminal Law and Juvenile Justice
Chapter 7: Crime in America
Chapter 8: Introduction to Criminal Law
Chapter 9: Crimes Against the Person
Chapter 10: Crimes Against Property
Chapter 11: Defenses
Chapter 12: Criminal Justice Process: The Investigation
Chapter 13: Criminal Justice Process: Proceedings Before Trial
Chapter 14: Criminal Justice Process: The Trial
Chapter 15: Criminal Justice Process: Sentencing and Corrections
Chapter 16: Juvenile Justice
Chapter 17: Law and Terrorism
Unit Three: Torts
Chapter 18: Torts: A Civil Wrong
Chapter 19: Intentional Torts
Chapter 20: Negligence
Chapter 21: Strict Liability
Chapter 22: Torts and Public Policy
Unit Four: Consumer and Housing Law
Chapter 23: Contracts
Chapter 24: Warranties
Chapter 25: Credit and Other Financial Services
Chapter 26: Deceptive Sales Practices
Chapter 27: Becoming a Smart Consumer
Chapter 28: Cars and the Consumer
Chapter 29: Housing and the Consumer
Unit Five: Family Law
Chapter 30: Law and the American Family
Chapter 31: Marriage
Chapter 32: Parents and Children
Chapter 33: Foster Care and Adoption
Chapter 34: Separation, Divorce, and Custody
Chapter 35: Government Support for Families and Individuals
Unit Six: Individual Rights and Liberties
Chapter 36: Introduction to Constitutional Law
Chapter 37: Freedom of Speech
Chapter 38: Freedom of the Press
Chapter 39: Expression in Special Places
Chapter 40: Freedom of Religion
Chapter 41: Due Process
Chapter 42: The Right to Privacy
Chapter 43: Discrimination
Chapter 44: Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace


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Street Law