Teaching Today publishes innovative teaching tips on a weekly basis. Written with the busy teacher in mind, each tip is concise, practical and easy to implement in the classroom right away. Topics covered in Teaching Today are classroom management, career development, high stakes testing, instruction and planning, parental involvement, reading in the content areas, using technology in the classroom, and portfolio development. Teaching Today also offers free weekly downloads that correspond to the tips. Our free downloads make implementing the teaching tips even easier. Teaching Today provides educational resources for teachers looking for everyday solutions to the challenges of the classroom.
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Teacher's Guide

How to Use This Site

Teaching Today was developed with the busy secondary teacher in mind. We offer a wide variety of tips, tools, and resources related to general secondary classroom practices. We add new material to our Web site each week, so if you don't find anything this week, check back regularly to see if we have added what you need.

1. Browse the home page. Our home page contains our Tip of the Day, as well as links to our other features of the site.

2. Check the Tip Archive. On every page, you'll find a Tip Archive menu with a list of teaching topics. Click on the topic you're interested in to go to a listing of every tip, free download, and article pertaining to that topic.

3. Search for a keyword or phrase. Use our search engine to check every page for your search term/s. Need help searching? Check our Search Tips page.

A Few of The Great Things You'll Find Here

Tip of the Day - Each and every school day, we give you a practical tip, strategy, or free download for the classroom. We write our tips with the busy classroom teacher in mind, so they are easy-to-use. Each week's tips are organized around a theme to give you five different strategies for achieving excellence in the classroom.

Download Depot - Every week we add new free downloads to our inventory of easy-to-use classroom materials. Whether you're looking for a rubric to assess student portfolios or a short list of study skills to give to your students, the Download Depot is full of timesaving tools.

Education Up Close - For weekly and monthly news you can use, check out the Education Up Close in-depth articles. Every month we explore a selected educational topic in depth. From innovative schools and teachers to what works in parent-teacher conferences, get your dose of inspiration for the month from Education Up Close.

Web-based Resources - This comprehensive list of great Web resources includes sites for professional organizations, lesson plans, grant opportunities, and state departments of education. We regularly update and add-to this list so be sure to check back next time you visit.

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