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Web-base Resources

Professional Organizations

National, state, and community groups sponsor art education in many ways. They can provide guest speakers, resource information, and exhibitions of professional and student work. For support and resources to encourage the appreciation of art outside the classroom, visit the Arts Education Partnership.


The NBEA is the professional organization for business educators. Their Web site is a service for business educators to review and receive information regarding professional activities including conferences, publications and job opportunities.


ASCD is one of the premier professional organizations promoting excellence in leadership and curriculum design in K-12 schools today. Their Web site offers information about membership, current events, professional development, and a wide variety of topics of interest to teachers and administrators.



This Web site provides a wealth of information for the economics teacher, including online lesson plans, a catalog of publications, professional news and program information. The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) is a nationwide network that leads in promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers. NCEE's mission is to help students develop the real-life skills they need to succeed: to be able to think and choose responsibly as consumers, savers, investors, citizens, members of the workforce, and effective participants in a global economy.

Foreign Language

The ACTFL website offers a wide variety of organization resources, including workshop and conference information, grant opportunities and proficiency test standards.

General Teaching

Here you can explore the enormous number of resources in ERIC's collection, including lesson plans, articles, research, and other resources for teachers. Also includes links to other educational resource sites.

At this site you can connect to pages covering educational topics, issues, and resources. Subjects include public education, legislative action, school safety, health information, educational materials, and books and publications.

The Web site for the National High School Association (NHSA) features information about membership, conferences, and publications, including The High School Educator. NHSA is a non-profit membership association dedicated to improving the professional knowledge of high school educators so that all high school students may experience academic success.

This site features information about NMSA, including membership, conferences, and publications. It also contains professional development resources, web links and other resources of interest to teachers, parents, and administrators involved in middle school education.

This site features major initiatives of the veteran non-profit organization designed for teachers, by teachers. Teachers Network offers professional development opportunities and educational resources in the areas of curriculum, leadership, policy, and new media. The site also features lesson plans, project ideas, and online videos demonstrating innovative teaching techniques.

This home page for the US Department of Education contains a wide array of information, from programs and services, to publications and products, to obtaining student financial assistance. Included are links to articles in the education headlines and a list of the most requested items.

Language Arts & Literature

This site is devoted to the national association dedicated to the study of language and literature. Included is information about MLA style, reports, committees, publications, and awards.

At the home page for this national organization, you can learn about their journals, books, and events. You can find and share teaching ideas with other teachers. You can also register for membership in this association.

This site provides services for ESL professionals. Features include information about membership, publications and products, new teacher issues, standards, and jobs.


The AMS site features employment news, information regarding the Math Olympiad for math students, legislation affecting education, and AMS conferences, workshops and publications.

The NCTM site provides teachers with information about the NCTM standards, mathematics education news, and organization information including membership, conferences, and publications.

This site provides information about the TIMSS projects, which collected data in over 35 countries at the fourth and eighth-grade level to provide information about mathematics and science achievement of US students compared to those in other nations.


The NABT is targeted to the secondary-level teacher and above. Its site provides association-related information regarding conferences and workshops, grants, publications, and news.

The NSTA site contains extensive resources for the K-12 science teacher, including science related news, grant opportunities, membership and convention information, message boards and other features.

This site provides links to NAAEE information such as memberships, conferences, and publications. It also contains information about projects, standards and a ask the experts feature.

This site provides information about the TIMSS projects, which collected data in over 35 countries at the fourth and eighth-grade level to provide information about mathematics and science achievement of US students compared to those in other nations.

Social Studies

Visit this site to get up-to-the-minute geopolitical news from around the world.

This is an informational web site for social studies educators and NCSS members. It contains information about social studies teaching, news, and upcoming conference information.


This Web site offers headlines on school technology news, conference information, sites of the week, and information on managing technology in schools.

FNO provides information on how to use the Internet in your classroom, as well as articles on many subjects including assessment, change, curriculum, grants, information literacy, Internet use policies, networks, research, staff development, and technology planning.

The ISTE Web site offers information including the latest news in technology education, professional development information, and cross-curricular teacher resources.

The ITEA is the professional organization of technology teachers. Their Web site offers information on technology education standards, conferences, professional development, as well as grants and scholarships.

T.H.E Journal Online offers its print issues online, including insightful articles on technology and information on new software. In addition, the Web site provides information on presentation software, a listing of conferences on technology, as well as the Road Map to the Web for Educators.

The Office of Educational Technology Web site provides headlines of the latest news in educational technology, in addition to information on distance learning, assessment, legislation and federal funding for technology education, and Internet safety.

This Web site contians information about the the use of technologies and concepts derived from the open source and freeware movement.


This Web site offers information about programs, grants, and events related to vocational education, as well as teacher development activities.

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