¡Buen viaje!: Level 1

¡Buen viaje!: Level 1
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En la escuela

National Standards

Student Activity

  • To compare schools in the United States with schools in Spanish-speaking countries
  • To talk about going to school
  • To talk about school activities


  • Remind students to apply their knowledge of schools and their understanding of cognates in order to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words they may encounter as they work through this activity.
  • Remind students that the term colegio is used to refer to secondary education in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • In order to help students appreciate the diversity of the educational systems in Spanish-speaking countries, the Web sites represent a variety of countries, educational institutions (private, public, and parochial), and scholastic levels (K-12).
  • Be sure to have students read the Lectura cultural on page 116 in the textbook before completing this activity. It might also be helpful to remind students that, unlike in the United States, it is very common for a Spanish-speaking school to contain students from all levels (K-12).


  • Assign students to small groups and have them download and print pictures that they find particularly interesting. Ask them to share their pictures and their opinions on what can be inferred from the pictures about schools in Spanish-speaking countries with the other members of their group.
  • In Actividad oral A, Diferencias, on page 122 of the textbook, students tell a Spanish exchange student the similarities and differences between schools in the United States and the Spanish-speaking world. Have students refer to information in the chart from the ĦA navegar! Primera parte section on the worksheet.