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Exercise 1

Retype the following passages, proofreading for errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and usage.

The Epic

an epic is a long narrative poem or story about a hero who belongs to a noble or royal family. In many epics, there is someting supernatural or magical about the hero's birth and death? The hero's central motivation is to perform brave deeds, that will protect his people. Many of these brave deeds involve quests, or long difficult journeys hunting for a rare treasure, a magical sword, ore a kidnapped princess.

Epic heroes sometimes fight other human beings they also battle monsters and spirits. An epick hero can win the day by fighting hard, behaving honorably, and protecting the innocent. Often the hero's enemy will suggest a trade and then try to cheet. That means the enemys downfall is the enemy's own fault.

Some epic heroes of ancient literature is King Arthur of the Round Table, the Babylonian Gilgamesh, hercules, and Beowulf. In more recent times, Superman, Batman, and other superheroes from comic books had many qualities of an epic hero. Modern science fiction stories and movies often have main characters who possesses many traits of the classical epic hero