Three Properties of Color

In this Art Quest you will learn more about three properties of color: hue, value, and intensity. After you complete this Art Quest take the online quiz to test your knowledge.

When we speak about color, there are three basic properties, or traits, that we can refer to. One is the name of the color as it is labeled on the color wheel. This property of color is referred to as hue. Common hues include red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
Another property of color is value. Value refers to the darkness and lightness of a color. If a color is very light, we say it is a high-value color. When a color is very dark, we say that its value is low.
Two colors can be the same hue and the same value, yet be two different colors. How can this be?
Intensity refers to the brightness or dullness of a color. Look at the two colors of blue here. They are about the same value and they are both the hue of blue.

Theoretically, the highest intensity that a color can be is its hue as shown on the color wheel.

The dullest a color can be is gray.

Use the pictures below to help you answer the Test Yourself questions.