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Teacher Technology Projects

Using a Word Processor (Creating a Position Paper)

Students will explore a health issue, such as tattooing, body piercing or tanning, and enter information into a word processor file that presents the health risks and consequences. Students will then use health knowledge to create a position paper.

Using a Database (Career Opportunities in Health)

Students will create a database listing some health careers ranging from entry-level through professional. Students will investigate preparation for each career (from Careers Online), educational requirements, salary expectations, and so on. Students will be instructed to retain copy of database to be revised throughout course of study as BLS stats and/or range of career possibilities change.

Using a Spreadsheet (Create a Physical Activity Fitness Log)

Students will gather and record data into a spreadsheet file on several sports that he/she enjoys doing or might like to begin. Data might include cost of equipment/gear (if any), climatic considerations, topographical considerations, time required. Students will then evaluate which sport would best serve his/her particular lifestyle.

Developing Graphs from a Spreadsheet (Time Management Graph)

Students will develop a database file that analyzes time allotments for a typical day. By converting this data into a pie graph, student will determine 1) areas in which he/she is devoting to much or too little time; 2) better ways of allocating hours if graph shows imbalance; 3) ways of reducing stress, a factor in time management.

Using Presentation Software (Advocate for Positive Health Behaviors)

Groups investigate CDC risk factors and questions at a health organization on one of several topics, including avoiding tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or violence prevention. Groups convert findings into persuasive slide shows to be presented to other classes in school or community groups. Then students design short questionnaire to be completed by viewers to assess effectiveness of presentation.

Sending and Receiving E-mails (Promoting Community Health)

Students develop an awareness of a health issue in their own community and use e-mail to contact local officials to trigger public action to promote improving the health of their community.

Building a Web Site (Promoting a Health Message)

Student groups plan, design, and set up Web site with a health message for others to learn from. Students use free web-building tools with point-click functions, not HTML programming.


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