Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 3
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Data Updates

Our Web site offers a convenient way to keep the data in examples and exercises in Glencoe Geometry current. The links below provide data updates and are organized by chapter.

Chapter 1 (page 27)
Percent of music sold last year that was rock, rap/hip hop, pop, or country

Chapter 1 (page 49)
Current minimum wage

Chapter 2 (page 107)
Capacity of Major League Ballparks

Chapter 3 (page 145)
Longitude and latitude of cities

Chapter 4 (page 164)
Candy sales during the most recent winter holiday

Chapter 5 (page 235)
Percent of field goals made by MBA players

Chapter 8 (page 387)
Last Tournament of Roses Parade

Chapter 9 (page 449)
Gas mileage of current SUVs

Chapter 10 (page 504)
Circumference of Earth

Chapter 11 (page 541)
Current number of students in schools

Chapter 12 (page 563)
Growth in consumption of your favorite food


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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 3