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Chapter 1: What is Physics?
Use this database to search for any physics topic. Scroll down the page and examine the physics topics. Then search for recent winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The American Physical Society
Check out current physics news, research, and links. Visit this site and discover how physicists and teachers can benefit from memberships in professional organizations like the APS.

How Things Work
This page is maintained by A. Bloomenfield, the author of "How Things Work: The Physics of Everday Life." Visit this site and learn how some common items work, or even submit a question.

Scientific Method, Engineering Method, and Experimental Planning
This page offers a detailed explanation of the scientific method. Visit this site and discover the classical model of the scientific method.

Welcome to the Mars Mission!
Take a tour of the current Mar missions: Sojourner, Pathfinder, and Surveyor. Visit this site and learn more about the latest NASA missions to Mars.

Mars: Planet Profile
This page has all you wanted to know about the planet Mars. Visit this site and compare the gravity, size, and composition of Mars with the other planets.

This is NASA's home page, with daily updates and links to the countless NASA sites. Visit this site and learn how NASA is in the news today.

Scientific American Page
Browse through current and past issues of Scientific American. Read a recent article and explain it to a friend.


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Physics: Principles and Problems