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Chapter 10: Energy, Work, and Simple Machines
An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity
Work/Energy Home Page
This page was created for the Science 122 course at the Honolulu Community College to teach the concepts of Work and Energy. Visit this site and describe how work and energy are related.

Simple Machine

This site gives ideas for classroom demonstrations on simple machines.

Energy Research
This web site is for the Office of Energy Research, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy, and contains information on Energy Research in various subjects from biological and environmental issues to nuclear physics. What is our government doing to help conserve energy and find alternative sources?

Oh Goody, Even More on Gears
Richard Wright, a teacher at a learning center in Boise, Idaho, uses LEGOs to demonstrate gears and other science concepts. How do gears make work easier?

This page gives a good history of the zipper and Whitcomb Judson's contributions to the product. How have zippers changed since they were invented?


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