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Chapter 11: Energy
An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity
Zero Energy Building Monte-Carlo Simulation
Visit a building designed to use very little energy. How did the designers convert other forms of energy to run this building?


This is the information center for the Center of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST). Visit this site and discover two new alternative energy sources.

Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines
Here is a skeptic's review of so-called perpetual motion and free energy machines. Visit this site and explain why these machines will not run forever.

The Sky is Falling! or What Did in Dino?
Here you'll find theories of dinosaur extinction, focusing on the comet theory. How much energy would be evolved from such a comet striking Earth?

You Can Tides
This is a Shockwave interaction to study tides. Alter the placement of the moon to see how it affects the tides.

Tide and Wave Power
This page has a general explanation of tidal power. How is energy from tides used?

Highest Tides in the World, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nova Scotia has the largest tides in the world. How do the people there harness this power?


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