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Chapter 15: Sound
The Doppler Effect
This site provides information on the Doppler effect using an ambulance siren as an example. It also describes how the Doppler effect is used in astronomy.

Communication and Echolocation

Sea World provides information on communication and echolocation in dolphins. Scroll down to section D to read details about echolocation. Where are major areas of sound reception located in dolphins?

Sonic Boom
This page from PBS is devoted to sonic booms. What sort of aircraft can make sonic booms?

How Things Work: Violins and Pipe Organs
This page has questions and answers focusing on sound and music. What types of sounds can humans hear? How can sound shatter a glass?

The Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms
This informational site explains the Doppler effect and how it relates to sonic booms. Scroll down the page to see how wavefronts change in relation to where the sound source is.


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