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Chapter 18: Mirrors and Lenses
Galileo and the Telescope
Learn about Galileo and his telescope, how to make one like it, and how to look at the celestial bodies he did. Make a sketch of the telescope described in this web site. Use a real telescope to look at the same astronomical bodies that Galileo looked at.

OptoSigma: Parabolic Mirrors
Here is a description of parabolic mirrors and how they are better than standard oval mirrors. Visit some of the links to other "mirror" sites. What metal is commonly used to coat the mirror to provide reflectance?

Hubble Space Telescope
This is the home page of the Space Telescope Science Institute, where the Hubble is maintained. How is the Hubble making news today?

Comet Hale-Bopp
This is the Hale-Bopp home page helped maintained by those who discovered the comet. How did Hale-Bopp compare to Haley's Comet?


Visit the Next Generation Space Telescope site and learn how the NGST is making advances today.


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