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Chapter 21: Electric Fields
The Electric Field - Table of Contents
This is a table of contents leading to different pages with text and pictures to demonstrate and explain different aspects of electric fields. View the graph of potential between two charges. Qualitatively describe the value from negative infinity to positive infinity.

Lightning Detection from Space
Learn about how NASA is using new technology to detect lightning and thunderstorms from space. Visit this site and find out what "Global Electric Current" is.

Electric Field
Visit this site and manipulate the diagram to see the effect of an electric field resulting from 2 to 6 point charges. Examine the fields generated by plugging in different values in the case of two charges.

Electric Field
This Java Applet places invisible charges on a blank screen. Using your knowledge of electric fields, find the hidden charges with the mouse pointer.

Computer Graphics
This computer graphics library contains a QuickTime video illustrating the Millikin oil drop experiment. What is the purpose of the atomizer in this experiment?

Stephen Hawking
Visit Stephen Hawking's personal home page to learn about his history and listen to a discussion about his disability. How does he use computers to help him in his daily life?


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