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Chapter 23: Series and Parrallel Circuits
Series Circuit Connection
Use this site for review of series and parallel circuits, equivalent resistance, current, and voltage. Review this page and then give an operational definition of "in series."

Voltmeter & Ammeter
This site contains a definition, diagram, and equations for a voltmeter and an ammeter. What are the central characteristics of "ideal" voltmeters and ammeters?

An Example: the Wheatstone Bridge
This is a nice example of a real electrical engineering tool (the Wheatstone bridge). Take Chapter 23 a bit farther and describe how this device works.

The Incandescent Lamp
Visit this nice history of the development of the light bulb, with links to Thomas Edison and other inventors. Why are light bulbs made with glass?

Lewis Howard Latimer
Visit this biography of Lewis Latimer, an African-American electrical engineer who worked with Edison and made improvements on Edison's work. Why was Latimer often called to be an expert witness?


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