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Chapter 24: Magnetic Fields
The Straight Scoop: What is the Aurora?
What is the Aurora Borealis? Read this story and answer the question, plus explain how we know that auroras are not reflected sunlight.

All You'll Ever Need to Know About...The Right Hand Rule
Check out this full series of animated GIFs and QuickTime videos demonstrating the right-hand rule. Test your knowledge of the right-hand rules by predicting what the animations will show.

MRI Scans
The Harvard radiology department supports this page that explains how an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) works. Visit this site and learn why it is important to put the patient in this large case.

How to Use a Compass?
This page, designed by a Norwegian student, describes how to use magnetic north and true north to navigate. What is magnetic declination?

How Electric Motors Work
This site is devoted to explaining the inner workings of basic technologies. Explore this web site and determine why motors must have commutators and brushes.


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Physics: Principles and Problems