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Chapter 26: Electromagnetism
The Big Ear Home Page
The home page of the Big Ear in Delaware, Ohio (based out of the Ohio State University). Visit this site and explain how it is used by SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence).

A History of Mass Spectrometry
How does mass spectrometry work. What are some isotopes that you encounter every day?

Coulomb Forces
With this Shockwave animation, you can place electrons and protons in the path of a beam of protons to see how the beam is affected. Try to predict the path before you fire. Then explain how these electrostatic forces work like gravity.

Our Star, the Sun
Our sun is a source of great radiation. Visit this site to learn more about radiation in space, including the Van Allen belts. How can this radiation affect people on Earth? During a solar flare, what type of radiation is particularly harmful to any astronaut in the midst of a space walk?

Cracking Codes
How do bar codes work? Visit these sites for questions and answers about them. Use this information to decipher a bar code on a product you get from the store.

UCC Home Page
This is the home page of the Uniform Code Council, which makes the rules for UPC symbols on supermarket products. Why is this council needed?


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