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Print this Web Links Activity Log to record your findings. In order to view and print these activities, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this, get the free download now.

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Chapter 29: Solid State Electronics
Semiconductor Devices
Integrated circuits are vital to the computer industry. How are semiconductors used to make them?

50 Years of the Transistor
This page marks 1997 as the 50th anniversary of the invention of the transistor by Bell Labs; includes history, information on the inventors, uses of transistors, FAQs, and much more. How did the transistor change the lives of Americans when it was invented?

The Transistor Collector
This home page is maintained by a man from England who collects old transistors and radios. Describe the common characteristics of transistors, and also explain how they can be different.

The Robotics Institute
This overall robotics page highlights the various ways robots are used today. Choose the link for Projects and look up the robot Xavier. Visit Xavier's site at Carnegie mellon University, and give it a command to complete.


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