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Chapter 30: The Nucleus
The Particle Adventure Home Page
This page has an in-depth description of particles, plus it includes a QuickTime movie and various links to a variety of nuclear subjects. Start the Particle Adventure and describe the standard model of the atom.

Marie and Pierre Curie
This page, maintained by the Nobel Prize organization, details the lives of the Curies. Why was their discoveries so important that they won the Nobel Prize? Compare the Curies to other Nobel Prize winners.

The Virtual Geiger Counter
Input the number of atoms and the decay constant of an element and submit it for a sound file of a Geiger counterÔs clicks for that sample.

Particle Accelerators Around the World
This site lists the particle accelerators throughout the world. Choose one of them and take a virtual tour of that accelerator.

Radiocarbon Dating

This site has a detailed discussion of radiocarbon dating. How is this method used to date the age of materials in nature?

Smoke Detectors and Americium
This paper posted on this site gives an explanation of how smoke detectors use radioactive elements. What are some possible health risks from the radiation from smoke detectors?


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