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Print this Web Links Activity Log to record your findings. In order to view and print these activities, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this, get the free download now.

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Chapter 31: Nuclear Applications
U.S. Fusion Energy Sciences Program
Visit the Department of Energy‚s home page on nuclear energy. How can fusion help reduce certain pollution?

Chemicool Periodic Table
Check out this virtual periodic table. Click on any element for vital statistics and descriptions. What do you think is the purpose of the color coding on the table?

Scientific American: Ask the Experts
Is cold fusion possible? Read this paper from Scientific American that discusses the controversial cold fusion experiment of Fleischmann and Pons. At the end, state your opinion about the validity of cold fusion.

The Chernobyl Meltdown
This is a gruesome, but detailed discussion of the Chernobyl disaster, including links to maps, pictures, and other items. What are some of the dangers of nuclear power?

Radioactive Tracers Technology

This is an online brochure designed by the Southwestern Research Institute to educate the public on how radioactive tracers are used. What are some of the most common uses?

Positron Emission Tomography
Visit this page for an introduction and explanation of PET. What factors helped contribute to the development of this technology?


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