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Print this Web Links Activity Log to record your findings. In order to view and print these activities, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this, get the free download now.

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Chapter 5: A Mathematical Model of Motion
An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity
Galileo Part I: The Early Years
This is a quick biography of Galileo. Visit this site and explain how Galileo disproved Aristotle's theory of gravity.

Introduction to Freefall

Review this lesson about the motion of objects moving with a constant linear acceleration due to gravity. Use this information to determine when a bungee jumper is in free fall.

Introduction to Physical Science

Here, you'll find a complete description of speed, velocity, and acceleration, including graphs. Compare the constant speed graph to the uniform acceleration graph. Can the two cars travel the same distance in the same amount of time?

The Microgravity Science Home Page
This site contains an in-depth discussion on microgravity, its uses, and its consequences. What is ZBLAN and where did it get its name?


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Physics: Principles and Problems