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Print this Web Links Activity Log to record your findings. In order to view and print these activities, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this, get the free download now.

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Chapter 6: Forces
An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity
Lesson 1: Newton's First Law of Motion
This page begins an excellent four-part lesson on Newtonâs First Law of Motion÷mass and inertia. Visit this site, then use Newton's First Law of Motion to explain why it is important to wear a seat belt.

Sir Isaac Newton

This has a general overview of the importance of Isaac Newton. Visit this site and describe his major contributions to science.

Summary of Friction
Here you'll find a very nice summary of friction. Visit this site and use the interactive Java Applet to run friction simulations.

Simple Harmonic Motion
This has a general tutorial on simple harmonic motion and gives a great review of velocity and acceleration, plus an introduction to amplitude, period, and frequency. Visit this site to take the tutorial, then quiz yourself with the self test.

The History of the Piano
Here is a short, but specific history of the piano. Visit this site and explain why a sounding-board is important to the piano.


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Physics: Principles and Problems