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Chapter 8: Universal Gravitation
An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity
Newton and Universal Gravitation
Here is a nice review of universal gravitation. Visit this site and use the information to explain why people would weigh less on the moon than they do on Earth.

Zero Gravity

This Shockwave animation demonstrates why objects in orbit are not really in zero gravity. Run the tutorial to discover how putting something in free-fall orbit is like throwing a ball very hard.

Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion
Here are three nice interactive animations of Kepler's laws. About how fast does the space shuttle orbit Earth?

Extra Planetary Perception
This page gives a description of how planetary motion was used to discover planets orbiting stars other than our sun. Visit this site and describe how Kepler's laws are important to discovering these new planets.

The Nine Planets
Take a tour of our solar system with countless links, pictures, and statistics. Visit this site and compare the physical properties of two planets of your choice.

The Global Positioning System
How was GPS used to find Captain Scott O'Grady in Bosnia? Click here to find out!

All About GPS
This has a tutorial about how GPS technology works. How many satellites are used in GPS?

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