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Chapter 9: Momentum and Its Conservation
An Internet WebQuest
Integrate the power of the Web with this inquiry-oriented student learning activity
NASA Spacelink
This database has information on new breakthroughs in technology and science news from NASA. Visit this site and discover how NASA technology is used today.

Momentum Conservation in Space Science

This site is part of a lecture series at the University of Pennsylvania and discusses how momentum is conserved during space science. Explain the "slingshot effect."

Choosing the Right Shoe
This web site describes different shoe types, their materials, and why they work (e.g., cushions that decrease momentum in the soles). Visit this site and use the information to explain how the shoes you are wearing right now help protect your feet.

Estes Model Rocket Headquarters
Here you can learn all you need about model rocketry. Use this site to learn how momentum is used with rocket propellants.

Sledge Hammer Performance Tennis Rackets
This is the official web page detailing the history and development of the Sledge Hammer Racket, as seen in the Physics and Technology feature in Chapter 9. Explain how space technology can help you play better tennis.

NASA Spinoff Database
Part of the NASA web pages, this site describes how some NASA technology is used to spin off to different inventions and uses. Name three things that you use that come from NASA space technology.


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